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Our Service Commitment

Category: Services Published: Tuesday, 02 August 2011 Written by Administrator

Service Standards

Our goal is to provide clients with the following:

• Commitments made to you are fulfilled in a timely manner AND as expected by you.

• You get regular feedback regarding how you are progressing financially.

• Proactive contact by the staff to see if "there's anything we can be doing for you right now."

• Proactive contact by our staff to you ahead of important financial deadlines.

• Sufficient follow-through on issues by my staff.

• Our financial advice has value to you beyond investment advice. You are making smart choices about your money in all areas.

• You know we're "on top of" your money issues.

• You know we're there for you and we will respond quickly to you.

 How we work with clients

• We use a method called Values Based Financial Planning to help you make smart choices about your money so you can achieve your goals and fulfill your values.

• Everyone has a simple Financial Roadmap so the big picture of where you are now, where you want to be, and what’s important to you is crystal clear.

• Everyone has a comprehensive written financial plan.  This means you have a written step-by-step action plan for all aspects of your financial life.

• We take control of everything that can be controlled and free ourselves from all worry about what we can’t control.

• Everyone is proactive which means we anticipate future needs as they arise.

• Everyone consolidates their finances so they have the fewest number of financial products and relationships possible to produce the desired results.  This simplifies your life so you can focus on what’s important.

• Everyone has me as their coach to help them stay on track to create the desired results in the target time frame.  The most successful people in the world have coaches and so should you.

• Everyone gets regular progress reports so you have the confidence of knowing exactly where you stand measured against predetermined benchmarks.  We measure progress toward our goals.

• Every one of my clients is a Financial Delegator which means they have paid me to take care of their finances so they can focus their limited time and energy on things which are most important to them which cannot be delegated. Things like their health, their spirituality, their time with family and other meaningful relationships, having fun, enjoying retirement - stuff like that.

• There are no whiners.  Everyone takes responsibility for their choices and their actions and we are willing to be accountable.  We don’t blame Ben Bernanke for the Fed’s choices on interest rates. We don’t blame some guy on CNBC for not predicting the stock market accurately. We don’t blame people in the Middle East for not working out their differences with the oil markets.  We take responsibility for our lives and our finances.

• There are no gamblers or speculators.  Everyone stays focused on their long-term strategy and we don’t get side-tracked trying to predict or beat the market.

• I will have only 20 clients - all who fit my ideal client profile.  All of my time and energy will be focused on helping my clients succeed, not on growing the firm or adding new clients.

Characteristics Our Clients Have Shared with us

In reflecting on our small community of ideal clients it occurs to us that there were many things in common with them before they began working with us.  These attributes were not shared by every one of our ideal clients - just most of them.

When we first met, most of our clients…

• Had not aligned their values with their goals and didn’t have clarity about how making smart choices about money affects what’s most important in life.
• Had not set specific financial goals using exact dates and amounts of money needed.
• Had not created a comprehensive written plan addressing all areas of their financial life.
• Had not created an unambiguous method of tracking progress towards each of their financial goals in order to know if they’re on track or not.
• Had not created a step-by-step plan of specific actions required to implement their financial plan.
• Had not established a coaching relationship with a trusted advisor in order to stay on track over the years.
• Most importantly, most had not yet taken action to implement any comprehensive financial plan.  Creating a great plan without taking action to implement it is like buying an airplane and abandoning it. Taking action is vital for you to arrive at your selected destinations.

These observations enable me to praise our community of clients for recognizing the absence of some, or all, of the above and choosing to delegate this to a trusted advisor.  In that way, our clients are able to delegate aspects of their financial planning, letting them spend more time on their quality of life. 

After working with us I would say that the most common traits of our clients would be that they are financial partners who are excited about and focused on their futures.  They are people who sought out a trusted advisor because they refuse to spend time on less important things at the expense of those things that are most important in life.  Competent money management may be delegated and our client community “gets it.”

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