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Documents You Need To Meet With Us

Category: Services Published: Wednesday, 03 August 2011 Written by Administrator

The documents you will need for your first meeting with us: You may complete a financial profile form available as a PDF on this website OR gather your documents. You choose.

This is the list of documents to make our meeting a success. Print this and use it as your checklist. These documents are required as the foundation to any financial discussions we have and any plans we may discuss. Try to pick a uniform date or at least one month for all your statements. Many people choose the end of a quarterly reporting period such as June 30th or September 30th for their retirement and brokerage accounts and then match their bank account statement to that date so that the finances agree by date.

  • Most recent financial statements including retirement, brokerage, and checking and savings accounts. Request them as necessary from your custodian.
  • All insurance document face pages showing amount and type of coverage and the date of application (for life insurance and disability insurance) including home, auto and long-term care.
  • Employee benefit plans such as stock options, 403b, 401k, Keogh and Simple plans with start dates, contribution history, matching rates, the plan summary, and vesting dates. Also, include employer-sponsored life, health, and disability. Please include the same information listed in the above paragraph on insurance.
  • Personal property cost list including houses, automobiles, boats, airplanes, timeshare properties and an estimated cost of all your personal possessions.
  • Estate plans including all wills, powers, proxies, and trusts.
  • A copy of your last filing of federal and state taxes.
  • A list of all debt: Mortgages, credit cards, personal and auto loans, payment amounts, start and end dates, and balances remaining.
  • Retirement plans: For all IRAs, Tax Sheltered Annuities, please include a copy of your latest statement. For Roth conversions please bring a copy of your federal tax filing for the year of the conversion. If you converted in 1998, for example, we’ll need a copy of your 1998 tax filing.
  • Current family budget on a monthly basis including all expenses and income.
  • A copy of our fee agreement
  • Your checkbook so that we may proceed beyond the first hour to cover issues that are important to you and begin the financial planning process should we decide to do so.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Wightman Financial

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