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A Message to our Readers

Category: Articles Published: Tuesday, 24 May 2011 Written by Steven Wightman

To our Guest Readers:

Since the day I founded my financial planning practice, I have held the belief that simple acts of an average person can make a world of difference in their lives. When people team up as they do in marriage or business, that difference - like interest - becomes compounded.

We all understand results of powerful relationships. We see it in a smile from a child, feel a sense of warmth from those who touch us and take some joy in knowing we are doing well.

Knowing that there are people who are of a like mind is the reason why we publish our blog.

Now, I want to emphasize that we want our readers to be happy and successful. Please pick your advisors carefully! We subscribe to very high standards of care. That is the reason why I have always taken a sworn oath to accept no compensation except from my clients and to always put my clients' interests first. The only thing we sell is our unbiased advice. I am proud to say that everyone in our practice abides by the highest standards in the financial services industry.

It appalls me to see people taken advantage of by those who call themselves “financial advisors.” Let’s get it straight. According to my book, no one can call themselves financial advisors unless they are a Certified Financial Planner registered with the CFP Board, and they have taken a fiduciary oath. Wherever you seek services, remember to ask for full disclosure of their compensation and ask your consultant whose interest is he or she serving first? Their company’s, theirs, or yours?

On August 28, 2001 in a cover story, The Wall St. Journal pointed out that only at small firms like Wightman Financial will you find the answer to be the latter! The difference is personalized services with integrity and professionalism. You can find a list of important consumer questions to ask in the first interview published on our website.

Please write to me. Tell me what you like, ask me questions, above all, sign up now. Stay on top of the best ideas with our blog.

Remember: live with a passion and a plan. Then you’ll be on your own path. Set your life destiny.


Steve Wightman

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