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Money Harmony

Published: Wednesday, 03 August 2011




Who We Are, What We Do

Money harmony is money happiness

We build financial security and peace of mind by fostering strong relationships with clients seeking to preserve and protect their assets and benefits through financial wisdom.

We assist women physicians to plan for their vision of where wealth and happiness converge in a new realm of wisdom through a values-based approach to life planning. What's your plan? What could you life be like if you partnered with a top professional planner?


For Women physicians we offer:

•Comprehensive money management

•Income Tax planning and filing

•Retirement Planning

For Business owners we offer:

•Retirement plan creation, compliance education, and investment management

•Investment management with eyes on 21st century risks like sovereign debt defaults and currency devaluations.

Steven Wightman, CFP, the retirement expert who believes every client should have a growing Gross Happiness Index.

Who's our single best client?

Our best client is a blend of the individual and the business all in one. Our ideal client is a small WOMEN-OWNED professional business such as a medical or dental practice looking for a long term partnership to fuel their growth, public image, and employee continuity through strategic thinking and a mutual commitment to excellence in our services.

Steven Wightman, Certified Financial Planner®, principal and a NAPFA REGISTERED Financial Advisor has offered fee-only comprehensive, independent financial planning since 1995 to singles and couples concerned about retirement, increasing health care costs, long-term care and investment security.