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Our Philosophy

Category: About Us Published: Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Who are we?  How are we different from all the rest?

My philosophy: As founder, I believe every financial planner, wealth advisor, or investment advisor should have a foundation of solid training, credentials, and experience. I have set an example using myself and my firm so that others may measure where they stand. In this business you want to be anything but ordinary!

Wightman Financial Network, LLC, is a firm founded on a single vision: To help people get the most out of life by making informed and intelligent decisions which lead to greater financial security, peace-of-mind and ultimately, happiness. While most people may dream their lives away, our role is to coach people to live their dreams. Many people see a million dollars as a milestone. Although that is an accomplishment, we seek to work hard to encourage our clients to live and share as many moments of magic that they can experience along the way to financial freedom. These stepping-stones mark the winding road of our lives. They are what make each and every person’s life both unique and worthwhile.

PERSONAL FINANCE is like a jungle: Full of beauty and beasts great and small. The things you don't see often are the most dangerous. In the jungle, there are insects, germs, parasites and venomous snakes. Few reasonable people would venture into such an environment without an experienced and trusted guide who takes precautions to ensure that they have both a safe and fun trip and that they reach their destination. Those who do not heed advice and go it alone often have disastrous results. Yet when it comes to financial planning, fewer than 2% of the American population ever seek the advice of a professional guide. They proceed alone with predictable outcomes. In fact, the average retiree today has a household income of less than half the median poverty level.

Wouldn't you rather face the financial jungle with a master who lives there every day? This jungle is just too perilous to go it alone. Your future is just too important to risk it. As a life coach, we are not only financial advisors, but we are also mentors and personal guides through good times and bad. We protect you from dangers, illuminate what you can't see, take joy in beautiful things. We celebrate the journey and we help you plan for the worst - just in case.

We strive to be to our clients what a coach is to a winning team - the best leader, trusted advisor, and financial expert anywhere.

We are fee-only. We derive no compensation from our relationship with our clients other than what they pay us. This prevents conflict of interest. We focus on what clients need to be successful. We sell no products - only our objective financial advice.

We specialize in issues of sudden wealth management through such life events as divorce, death, or retirement. To support our client's needs, we specialize in retirement asset transfers and distributions - including military retirement. Our clients are people who are sincere and serious about achieving more fun, happiness and peace-of-mind with financial security and freedom by making smart choices about their money.

Our principle planner has three decades of personal investment expertise in many kinds of markets. He has training and expertise in mutual fund selection, risk analysis and tax-efficient investment strategies. His investment experience includes stocks, bonds, money markets, variable annuities, Initial Public Offerings, options, futures, warrants, and stock options. He is an active investor and keeps in touch with market developments.

We provide clients with comprehensive financial planning to address all areas of concern and risk. We tailor planning around client needs in both the near and long-term.

We seek long-term relationships with clients. We become their trusted advisor by a simple formula: delivering what we promise! Their success and ours is founded upon mutual trust and teamwork.

We only do well if our clients do well. Our reputation is only as good as our clients say it is. That is why we never stop working for our clients' continued peace-of-mind and financial security and that is exactly why we seek only long-term relationships. The longer the relationship, the more successful our clients are.

Please take a minute to read our oath to our clients.

For more information on setting up or enhancing your own model financial advisory firm, please contact us.

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