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Category: About Us Published: Saturday, 23 July 2011 Written by Administrator

What's the history of Wightman Financial?

Wightman Financial has been serving clients and testing cutting-edge practices since 1995. Steven Wightman has consistently trained with some of America's top coaches in life planning, the psychology of money, and a wide range of personal financial planning topics. In addition, he has written and published articles and a book on topics ranging from retirement strategies to health savings accounts to investments to life planning. Wightman's latest book, Women, Wealth and Wisdom; Unleash the Fire Within to a Life of Purpose, goes far beyond to reveal the best strategies to a great life. 

What education and training should a financial planner have to manage your money?


Just about every financial planner arrived in the profession by different routes. I started in the financial planning arena with a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology and Teaching. This degree is an excellent floor for someone in my field as technology is very involved in today’s world of financial planning, while the teaching side is involved in communicating difficult and confusing information clearly and concisely. I also have earned the Graduate level certification and license of CFP (Certified Financial Planner) in which I passed five written exams on taxation, estate planning, employee benefits, investments, and risk management. This certification also requires ongoing education on the newest and up-to-date information – all to the benefit of my clients. In addition, I have completed life planning counseling and training with two modern-day masters, Mr. George Kinder and Mr. Bill Bachrach. Last, but not least, I have completed professional training in post-secondary education advisory services to clients. This commitment to continuing education, training, and certifications is further evidence of my dedication to my clients’ well-being.

Why do clients become incredibly loyal to a firm?

It's all about trust. We have shown that trust-building is enhanced by following a clear structured path focused entirely on client needs. We've done this by practicing Values-Based Financial Planning. This is Life Planning blended with Financial Planning for a more well-rounded approach to integrating your finances with client values. This directly benefits clients because they become more motivated and actively engaged in their life and financial planning processes - saving them money and the pain of following a path that is not their very own.

In summary, practices with consistently high standards of ethical conduct, transparency, continuing education, and professional practice protocols attract and keep the very best clients - so much so that some firms will be amazed at how far ahead of the pack they are moving.

Businesses come to us because they desire less risk and more certainty about their futures.

What services do you offer?

We offer practice management and marketing services to financial advisory firms in all fifty states of the United States of America. These services are tailored to a given firm's specific needs and they are designed to significantly improve operational efficiency while bolstering the bottom line.

What are your rates?

We have two fee structures: Silver and Gold. The Silver plan employs Women, Wealth and Wisdom; Unleash the Fire Within as a foundation for building trust with clients and prospective clients. Our Gold plan is a separate flat fee based on the scope of the project.

How much experience do you have in this field?

I have been a practicing fee-only financial planning fiduciary since 1995.

Why do you work out of your home?

I believe clients hire me, not an office. They seek my guidance, advice, experience, and time-tested wisdom. The only difference is that I have only one, not two places to manage.  I enjoy the comfort, convenience, and flexibility of my home office. It allows me to keep meetings that a traditional office may not allow. I don’t have to spend the time maintaining both a home and a distant office. I don’t have to pollute the air by commuting daily. This means I have more time to spend with clients and working on their behalf. If I save just 5 hours weekly, that adds up to 250 hours, or 31 days a year more time. I also save clients the expense of having my office costs passed on to them. Finally, today's technology allows me to perform any function I need to and would do in any office around the world faster and better. My clients all benefit from this.

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