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What We Do

Category: About Us Published: Tuesday, 02 August 2011 Written by Administrator

Who We Are and What We Do


We employ a structured marketing system by leading a weekly book discussion group with Women, Wealth and Wisdom, Unleash The Fire Within To A Life Of Purpose. Experience has taught us that reading participants form a trust bond with the advisor leading the discussion and discover a greater need for financial planning services.

For Business owners we offer:
    • Practical, effective, low cost, highly effective marketing strategies with gravitational pull to your ideal client.
    • Practice management tools and techniques for financial advisory practices.
    • Guidance in key growth and staffing decisions

Steven Wightman, CFP, the retirement expert who believes every client should have a growing Gross Happiness Index.

Who’s our single best client?

Our best client is a blend of the individual and the business all in one. Our ideal client is a small financial planning practice looking for a long term partnership to fuel their growth, public image, and employee continuity through strategic thinking and a mutual commitment to excellence in services.

Steven Wightman, Certified Financial Planner®, principal and a NAPFA REGISTERED Financial Advisor has offered fee-only comprehensive, independent financial planning since 1995 to singles and couples concerned about retirement, increasing health care costs, long-term care and investment security.

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